Auctioneers in Ireland

Ireland has three types of property Auctioneers typically

  1. Old School agent’s in an area that churns over 600 homes split between 6 to 8 local agents, they sit back and wait for the local work form their area to land, and typically employ 2 to 3 people.
  2. Agency’s with aggressive growth ambitions, who lean towards one of two traditional forms of marketing and go all in, that could be blanket leaflet campaign’s or door knocking. They still don’t pivot from the traditional auctioneer model a call comes in and they list the property on daft or myhome.
  3. The new age agency that goes every so slightly over the customers head. These agent’s try their best to bottom feed with lower rates and pump 3 to 4k a month into Google Pay per Click in hope of breaking even, with their new business model.

No agency yet is filling the void and operating true omni marketing strategy for new sale listing acquisitions. But getting the listing’s is one thing, no one is even considering additional marketing reach for the customer. In-fact typically margins have gone down greatly for Dublin agent’s who now give free valuation’s, free photographers, free floor plan’s etc
I would imagine we are pretty close to seeing a new smarter breed of operator which not online brings old school values but new age omni channel marketing, but will it benefit the customer in getting the best price for their home. This is the real area for innovation.

Estate agent’s and Auctioneers being seen for their performance and not their mundane A5 130gram flyer shoved through your letterbox with the local chipper menu.

New Builds eat into second hand stock

2018 showed that house sales in the commuter belt to Dublin indeed caught up in regards to price increases however unit sold reflect pretty much the same on 2016, and 2017. Leaflet Distribution company’s have agents spending double their marketing budgets to catch up.

25% to 30% of new builds are included in 2018 figures which have increased by 250 builds. So no increase in buyers, new builds are eating up sales of second hand built stock.

Speaking to Estate Agent’s second hand stock is taken longer to close in a more complex property chain however they are still off loading property’s at a peaked increased rate.

Another interesting fact is the price increases being achived by new builds, with semi quarterly price increases of approx 10,000 euro per house hold. It appears the A+ rated homes seem to be far more appealing to FTB, even at an increased rate and under tuff borrowing regulations.